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Top Reasons People Choose New Over Used Homes

When setting out to buy a home, every home buyer has a list of must haves as well as extras they’d like to see included if possible in the home they buy. This includes things such as architectural design, layout, floor plan, and all those little details like flooring, cabinets, countertops and more. After viewing enough resale homes options, it typically becomes clear to most buyers that some things must be taken off the list. Surely no home can have exactly what you want and need even down to the smallest details, or can it?

Actually, many home buyers have found that it is in fact possible to find a home that is a perfect match for your family and lifestyle - just build it yourself! New home construction is one of the top trends in today’s real estate market, and today we’re looking at the many reasons why people are choosing newly constructed homes over used homes already on the market.

1. Customization
We’ll start out with one of the most obvious reasons why people choose to buy new over used. A new home gives you complete control over the design and all the details. Imagine being able to completely design your new home to perfectly suit your needs? Experienced home builders have the knowledge and experience to take your ideas and bring them to life. When you build a custom home, you don’t only buy a home – you buy your dream home.

2. Financial Advantages
If you read the paragraph above and worried about the costs of customization, you should be happy to know that there are financial advantages to a new home, as well as alternatives to full customization. In terms of advantages, a new home will help you build home equity and will often command a higher resale value down the line. You can also roll the costs of all those upgrades into your mortgage, which allows you to pay for these upgrades over time but enjoy them right away. And there are alternatives to complete customization too. Production home builders allow you some customization options but have limits in order to keep the overall cost down. This means you can choose from a slightly more limited number of designs and floor plans while still being able to choose all the finishing touches like cabinet colors, countertops, flooring, fixtures and more.

3. The Ability to Choose Layout and Floor Plan
Whether you go with a custom home builder or a production home builder, you will likely have your choice of many layouts and floor plans. Choosing the right floor plan and layout will make your new home more practical and a better fit for your family. Many home buyers today are looking for details such as an open concept main level and a luxurious master bathroom – room and layout details that make the home more functional and enjoyable. These choices (and more) can be yours when you build a new home.

4. Cost & Energy Savings
The improvements in energy efficiency are moving faster than ever, and with your new home, you can incorporate all the processes and technologies that cut down on energy usage and costs. This includes good insulation, double or even triple pane windows, an efficient heating and cooling system, energy efficient appliances, water efficiency bathroom technology and more. Not only are these options a good thing for the planet, you’ll also notice the benefits in your wallet as well.

5. Fewer Repairs & Maintenance
It’s a fact of life – over time things break and need repair or maintenance. However, you won’t have to worry about that with your new home. Things are new so you won’t have to wonder about when the furnace is going to quit, when surfaces will need painting, and when flooring will need to be replaced. These unknowns are a sure thing in used homes, and they can often be very stressful and costly. When you build a home, not only is everything inside new, your products are also under warranty so you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come without dealing with costly repairs.

6. Safety
There are also many ways in which new homes are safer than old homes. In terms of fire safety, new homes are safer because they have hard-wired smoke detectors and fire retardant insulation and carpets. Today’s homes use paints that contain fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds), have up-to-date circuit breakers, and are constructed under the newest and safest building codes.

7. New Home Communities
New homes are often built in nice new home communities that are great for families to live and children to grow up in. New home communities are usually located in areas with good schools and are close to work and recreational areas. Another often overlooked advantage to buying a new home is that because everyone in the neighborhood recently moved in just like you, you can quickly make friends with people who are similar to you in terms of taste and lifestyle.

8. New Home Feel
A final intangible reason why people build new homes over resale homes is simply the feeling of owning a new home. The home reflects your dreams and individual style and was built specifically for your family. It’s clean, contemporary and an asset that you can truly take pride in.

Building a new home is the ultimate way to get everything you want in your next house, with added benefits such as financial advantages, cost and energy savings, safety and more. If you’re in the market for a home, consider building a new home before you jump into the pre-existing housing market. The process is simple when you choose an established, reputable home builder, and especially rewarding when you know that at the end you’ll own the home of your dreams.

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