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7 Common Pest Control Mistakes

What is it about spiders, ants, and rats that we hate so much? Is it their creepy crawly legs? Is it the way they scurry from place to place at often uncatchable speeds? Is it the fear of their bite? Whatever it is, it makes us feel like we can’t walk barefoot in our own homes!

If you want to feel safe while keeping pests as far away from your home as possible, we recommend you leave pest control to the professionals and contact a reputable pest control company in Austin for help with your pest problems. However, if you are going to attempt pest control yourself, be sure you don’t make these common pest control mistakes.

1. Not Rooting out the Cause of the Pests
We get it. You see a line of ants, and you just want them gone, gone, gone! So you grab some spray, and blast those ants until you’re sure you’ve gotten every last one of them. The problem is that you didn’t actually get every last one of them. Those ants came from somewhere, and there are more ants wherever they came from.

The same holds true for almost every household pet. Before you try any sort of treatment, find the cause of the pests. Look for gaps around the foundation, holes in screens, and other potential entry points. Seal those gaps before you begin eliminating the pests.

2. Treating Your Pet With Human Repellent
Mosquitoes can cause heartworm or other diseases if they bite your pet. And while your pet may need protection, that doesn’t mean you should pull out your own bug repellent and spray your dog. Human repellent could harm your pets, so always look for pet-safe medications and repellents to protect your pets from potentially harmful mosquito bites.

3. Not Protecting Your Pet at All
If you have pets, be sure to do your part to protect them from pests. Stay on top of regular care, including vaccinations, grooming, and medications that combat tick, flea, and mosquito bites. Prevention is key in protecting your pet from pests.

4. Keeping Things Messy
You don’t have to be a clean freak, but it is important to regularly clean all areas of your home and yard. Spiders and mice love to burrow down in forgotten cardboard boxes. Ants love mice in your kitchen. Mosquitoes are drawn to standing water. When you stay on top of clutter and regular home maintenance, you make it harder for pests to take up residence in your residence.

5. Not Figuring out What Type of Pest You Have
You can’t treat the problem correctly if you don’t know what the problem is. It may seem obvious, but it’s still worth stating - you need to remember to figure out the type of insect or rodent that are invading your home before you purchase and use any sort of trap or spray. Not sure you’ve done it right? A good reputable pest control company can correctly identify your pest problems for you.

6. Setting a Mouse Trap out in the Open
Mice and rodents don’t have the best eyesight, so they tend to stick close to the walls. If you place your mouse trap in the open, the mouse likely won’t ever go near it. Place mouse traps behind your oven or beneath floor cabinets (you can remove the lowest drawer to do this). Or place mouse traps anywhere you’ve seen rodent droppings.

7. Not Reading the Label
Some pesticides can cause harm to humans and pets when not used appropriately. We know how scary-looking that leggy spider is, but resist the urge to spray any part of your home until you understand how to use the pesticide.

Avoid many of these mistakes by hiring a professional pest control company to assess your situation and give you the appropriate tools to handle whatever pests you may be dealing with.